• Image of Raffle for a FREE Jaesyn Burke Couture Accessory!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your chance to win an AMAZING Jaesyn Burke Couture item is here! This is a raffle to win one of the following items: A custom bowtie and pocket square, a custom hat, OR a handbag from the "Jae Bag" collection. Raffle tickets for this contest are only 10$, and THE WINNER GETS A 10$ REFUND FOR THEIR TICKET, so the prize is LITERALLY FREE! We will also work closely with the Winner with the design of your prize, so YES....You get to help with the design!! This raffle is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, and the winning ticket will be chosen live via social media. All tickets are non-refundable (with the exception of the winner). Good Luck!! ♡♡♡